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Some sexually transmitted diseases can also spread to your partner through contact at the breast, especially if you have active sores on your breasts, nipples, or areola. Plus, many women are more sensitive to breast stimulation during this time and enjoy the sensation of breastfeeding their partners. Whatever your concerns may be, it's best to talk to your partner about how you feel. In general, breastfeeding your husband, boyfriend, or partner doesn't pose a problem. However, the extra breast stimulation can cause your body to produce even more breast milk and add to your already overabundant milk supply.

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Many men are curious about breastfeeding, and they're still sexually interested in the breasts even when they're producing breast milk.

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Breastfeeding Your Husband, Boyfriend, or Partner

You should all receive treatment as soon as possible. Some women are curious about how it would feel to breastfeed their partner or they just want to continue to include their breasts in their intimate relationship. Here are some of the reasons that your husband may want to breastfeed.

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