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Sarada, the young Uchiha who has had a crush on him as long as she can remember decides to make her move to comfort her blonde crush. He quickly shook off his thoughts as he started to bring his attention back to his partner. Enjoy yourself because trust me," he said before he leaned closer to her "I am thoroughly enjoying your tight pussy" he whispered as Sarada blushed darkly and her frown turned into a very happy smile. Contains a bit of Incest and Hinata x Bolt. For some reason it took quicker for her to 'relieve' herself and even made it more powerful as she set the turned off vibrator on her nightstand. I can't hold on and keep cumming when you haven't once" she said as he chuckled and kissed her softly. Though it was more so a red lacy bra that barely hid her nipples with a bit of them visible with a see through dress attached as she wore a red thong that she thought showed off her butt nicely.

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naruto sarada nude

The blush went a bit darker as she felt some wetness start to form in between her legs as she grabbed the waist of his boxers and pulled them down slowly.

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Sarada bit her lip, gathering more courage as she was now alone with her crush before she lathered up her breasts with soap before she quickly hugged Naruto from behind, pressing her developing chest against his broad back. She froze with his dick in her mouth as the blanket was lifted and she looked up to see Naruto staring down at her with a blush as she slowly pulled her head back. She smiled as she heard Naruto sigh and saw him nod before she watched the outline of him take of his clothes as Himawari bounced nearby in excitement. I want you to have a taste of what is to come.

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