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Although currently gracing the slightly more respectable pages of Loaded, the last decade has taken Sinclair on a journey from auto-erotic video sequences and spread-legged centrefolds to Page 3 and a mature career in swimwear and lingerie modelling. Subscribe to Independent Premium. She may be no rocket scientist, but then nor is she a bimbo. Outside the world of glamour, the public seem unable to draw a line between modelling work and prostitution; it does not occur to people that she is playing a part. Unfortunately, Sinclair's independence was shattered when the news of her relationship with Robert de Niro hit the tabloids.

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As one of this country's top glamour models, she must be used to facing such Arctic conditions with nothing but her pout to keep her company. Although she says she will never regret getting into the industry, there was much that Sinclair admits she wishes she hadn't done in that early period, not least the hardcore work which she now feels is stopping her move into a more respectable career. This comment has been deleted. That intimidating chest, into which so many men must have dreamed of rubbing Vick's Vap-o-rub, is giving her a bit of trouble.

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