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I had read that humans had telepathy as well, but unlike the ender, they sent words, not feelings. Up here in the highest levels of the graceful, branching building I called home, I was able to find peace. Nodding along with what he had said, I felt a twinge of excitement burst through me. That sounded like a life that was filled with danger and fear, unlike here, where we all had a job to do. Sighing to myself, I closed the book and gently set it back on my bedside table, ready to be picked up and read another day, The book was from the stronghold ruins in the overworld itself, buried deep under the earth, never to be found.

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I had never been trained to use a sword or bow, I didn't grow up wanting to become the mightiest warrior of all my faction.

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Ender Girl Skin for Minecraft

We have no reason to harm him. It was a picture of a small pond, surrounded by flowers of various shapes and colour. They kept us alive- the fruit fed us, the fibers used for cloth, the wood for baskets- everything revolved around them.

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