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In the episode's DVD commentary, Seth Green said that during filming for the scene where Oz and Veruca have supposedly just woken up from mating as werewolves, he was naked except for a "boy-thong". However, Seth Green abruptly left the show to pursue a movie career, explaining that "the character was always better served in a recurring capacity and Joss and I both felt it was better to revert to that status. Using Oz's heightened senses to lead the way, Buffy and Oz go looking for Veruca, although Buffy is not interested in Oz's explanation for why he committed the actions which have left her best friend heartbroken. He claims he had no choice, but Willow, tearful and angry, points out Oz could have instead told the other Scoobies, and perhaps found a solution other than locking her up with him. List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes.

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veruca james vampire

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Vampire Domination - Taking Everything

As Professor Walsh is leaving the school that night, Oz jumps out at her. Spike stalks Buffy from a distance and promises trouble, but he is struck by Tasers and carried off by the masked and heavily armed people lurking in the Sunnydale shadows. Whedon says losing Green so suddenly was a "heartbreaker Categories : Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 4 episodes American television episodes Television episodes about werewolves Television episodes about infidelity.

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