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Now Troy bids me to join them at the buffet. In the last year and a half, she has made three movies: the inspirational Freedom Writers, the forthcoming supernatural thriller The Reaping, and PS, I Love You, about a young widow whose husband's letters influence her from beyond the grave. The lonely little tomboy who used to like to pass her time floating in a lake has won two Oscars for Best Actress. It is his job to sew Swank into and out of her dresses. Her brown eyes are surprisingly large and sparkling and playful, framed by shapely eyebrows and smoky makeup.

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Saniyah. Age: 31.
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When she lived with Chad in a New York townhouse, the couple had two dogs, a rabbit, and two exotic birds.

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Nola. Age: 25.
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Thank You Lord, Hilary Swank Is Single Again

She reaches greedily into a paper bag full of delicious, homemade tortilla chips that have just been delivered to the set and scoops up a big glob of guacamole, and then another. He had to be given away when the trailer park came under new management. Two little scars are evident beneath her full and pillowy bottom lip.

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