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For almost all of these women, the only porn video of them that exists online is the one they shot for Girls Do Porn. We also found private playlists with dozens of videos that feature stills from Girls Do Porn videos in thumbnails, but that can't be viewed by the public. The technical and logistical problems of moderating Pornhub are not all that different from the challenges that a company like Facebook faces. Searching Google for Girls Do Porn videos leads users to Pornhub, where these videos are hosted against pre-roll and banner ads that Pornhub's parent company Mindgeek profits from. After that video was removed, we tried to upload the exact same file to Pornhub. Once the videos are removed, it should be theoretically impossible to post the same video again to Pornhub. Then, we asked the woman in that video to email Vobile for fingerprinting, and then flag the video to Pornhub.

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Lydia. Age: 20.
how to have sex pornhub

Brian Holm, one of the lead attorneys representing the women in the Girls Do Porn case, told Motherboard that he would consider this an overstatement.

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Mckinley. Age: 25.
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Pornhub Doesn't Care

At that point, we explained how to find dozens of Girls Do Porn videos still hosted on xHamster. We'd love to hear from you. Clicking on any of these playlists will lead users to dozens of Girls Do Porn videos as well.

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