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You can now log in to YouPorn with your Discord account. Tech Hangover Tech Hangover: Apple continues to be a horrible company. Also, a strong affinity for toasters. It's self loathing, pretentiousness and machines that squeeze juice for you. Either way, you can now search by Zodiac sign at YouPorn. Sure, you might ascribe certain behaviors in life to your daily astrological reading, but how that translates into your porn viewing habits is probably up for debate. It's not all sunshine and roses in Silicon Valley.

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News Facebook has finally released a tool to let you wipe the data companies are sharing about you.

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YouPorn launches the first ever CGI porn star

YouPorn offers energy saving tips in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike Efficient ejaculation. Gadgets The best crowdfunding campaigns to check out in February Plan on using this new search feature from YouPorn or will you stick to scrolling through three pages before you inevitably search for that one go-to video you found back in ?

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