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This week she is facing extradition proceedings which could return her to Mexico, where she is due to stand trial. Last November, after specific allegations made by the parents of one of the girls, Karina Yapor, the state of Chihuahua issued a wanted poster for Trevi and Andrade. Trevi is a product of her time, of the disillusionment and the disappointment and the confusion of it. Then, gradually, the parents of other teenage girls who had also been part of Andrade's stable of young performers started to make the same allegations: that Trevi had helped to procure them for Andrade's sexual gratification. One weekly magazine suggested Trevi and Andrade had been involved in black magic and had run what was essentially an "academy of Lolitas" in Cuernavaca. It's a question she may well be pondering in jail as she waits to see what the judicial process will do to her. Then, just when it was rumoured that they were hiding out in the US, news came of their arrest in a Rio de Janeiro apartment one block from the Copacabana beach; the porter at their apartment building had thought they were just a bunch of "dirty hippies".

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Mariana Martinez, an editor of the book written by Aline Hernandez that was the starting point for the scandal, said of the affair this week that "rebel lion is part of life, but the need to find a symbol for it can be manipulated so that it turns into the exact opposite.

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Trevi, for her part, is clearly deter mined not to submit without a fight, and it seems that she will not take what might be the safer route of blaming Andrade for everything. She burst on the scene with an exotic stage persona - all torn fishnets, striptease and punky hair, with songs to match. Last week, she refused to take a lie detector test requested by the prosecution.

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