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Spider-Man continued to ignore her wishes and fought by her side. Trainee Deadpool as he recounts the time he defeated Doctor Doom single-handed. However, the group was unable to do any type of substantial damage until the arrival of Thor. The two trapped Taskmaster in the school's gym and attacked him, this time with each other's weapons. Later on, she trained with the rest of her team sans Spider-Man. As White Tiger thought the two should call for backup, Spider-Man urged her not to, citing that the two would be able to win the fight on their own. Since Ava received the Jade Tiger Amulet, she has become dedicated to proving she is worthy of the honor.

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She and the others decided to go back to their ship, only for Sandy to discover their desire to leave and his revealing to be the criminal Sandman as he seized their ship and caused them to retreat.

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White Tiger

Ava noted the way he had talked, to which Iron Fist responded by explaining that he had become more focused on his actions as he continued to use his powers. After Spider-Man told the team to switch opponents, White Tiger defeated Electro and took the other four members except Lizard into custody. Despite her initial unwillingness to go in without the instructions of their other team members, Spider-Man convinced her otherwise and the two went inside. She then chased after him, soon followed by Spider-Man, whom himself wanted to get the two fighting on video.

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