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This is the true definition of futanari or "futa" in Japan however recently and especially in the west, futa has become associated with women who have or somehow grow or receive dicks without the necessary requirement of having both sets of privates. You'll find mostly bara-centric art in this tag online. Kemo is obviously from kemono and homo is taken from the English word "homosexual", denoting the gay stuff. You'll notice that each of their names are representative of the type of content they serve up- Juicy sounds like JC in Japanese, and Koh is short for the kousei in joshikousei. We're certain that Japan has the best word for masturbation out of all the languages. Real-life Trends For our final bonus section, let's take a look at some memes and trends that started in the real world and made their way into hentai artist communities online. Can also be called pettanko.

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The thighs, and also an incredibly fun thing to say.

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They're usually referred to by "oppai" which is probably a term you've heard before, but you can also say "mune" to refer more to the chest itself or just be more reserved. If you're going to be reading BL, these are terms you absolutely need to know. For Tachi, the best guess is the "tachi-yaku", the leading actor in a kabuki play.

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