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They enter the upper hold of Dunharrow via a narrow switchback path where they see old "Pukel-Men" sculptures guarding the turns. Furthermore, his long burden of carrying the Ring has left him with post-traumatic stress. In the middle of the night, Gandalf returns to their room, frustrated that Faramir has not yet returned. They then overtake Saruman and find that he has completely devolved into meanness and Wormtongue is barely able to act human. A fearful Pippin witnesses all this and runs down to the first circle to find Gandalf. However, Frodo recedes from the picture and also cannot escape the pain of his wounds, having been stabbed by the Witch-king and poisoned by Shelob in addition to losing a finger. Discuss Proposed since December

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Aragorn heals Faramir, using athelas or kingsfoil the same weed he used to ease Frodo's pain at Weathertop and outside of Moria.

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The battle is also joined by a "black fleet with black sails". Despite the shock of seeing the objects and the complete loss of hope, Gandalf perceives that the emissary is lying, seizes the items, and rejects the terms. The many trees that Saruman's men cut down are replanted with Galadriel's gift of dust used to facilitate growth and a small nut that is planted to replace the party tree; buildings are rebuilt and peace is restored. The company then passes under the Haunted Mountain where they come across the bones of a missing prince of Rohan, who had foolishly ventured on the Paths of the Dead.

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