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Only then did the doctors tell her that they were both infected with HIV. These projects are community-based interventions in high-risk areas of selected cities and focus districts within UNICEF programmes. She has no need of plastic barriers between her and her daughter, since she too is HIV-positive. Raha had no idea what that meant. Their partners may in turn have sex with others and infect them or get pregnant and infect their babies. He became one of an estimated , injecting drug addicts in Iran.

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She doubts society at large will be so understanding.

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Raha, Zara's mother, had never heard of HIV until she found out she was positive. She was still with her husband then, but he was too busy trying to get the shriveled veins in his lips, ears and hands to accept his heroine hit to worry about her. He accused her of lying until he took a test and also had it confirmed. She wriggles her toes as though limbering up for something before she picks up a pen and starts drawing my portrait fast.

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