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Tumblr was revolutionary for so many women like me and others who felt disconnected to mainstream porn and found self discovery, affirmation, and connection within its platform. CrashPad Series and PinkLabel. The move was rumored to be a knee-jerk response to Apple removing Tumblr from its App Store over failing to adequately filter out child pornography. The other alternative, if you're willing to pay some money, are ethical, feminist porn sites, which I personally use. A lot of these sites belonged to women and communities who were often not depicted in mainstream adult entertainment as multi-dimensional. Mastadon promises a safer-feeling browsing experience.

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tumblr girls love sex too

FrolicMe is perfect for lush, gorgeously-shot films.

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Stevie. Age: 30.
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13 Other Places Tumblr Fans Can Go to Explore Their Sexuality

How would I find it and articulate it not just to myself, but to a partner? Mainstream porn sites only offered clips of brightly lit, conventionally-attractive people with hard bodies having what seemed to be a very athletic, staged, and mechanical style of sex. So, where can women like me go from here?

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