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Shaving is all about aesthetics. By this point I had grown my leg hairs out to their full glory and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do an experiment in radical self love and see what it would be like to get around with my hairy ass legs on display in hot pants and short skirts for five days in the tropics. But no one treated me any differently, or made me feel uncomfortable. Seeing myself as a beautiful womyn with dark fuzz noticeable from the knees down has opened my eyes to a different genre of feminine beauty. But there are drawbacks to this beauty ritual. In fact I have had numerous compliments about my hairy legs, and I too think they look sexy in a way that is unique to smooth legs. Which was very offensive, for obvious reasons.

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Madison. Age: 29.
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I never had much issue with this as a child, but when my mother sat me on the veranda aged twelve and waxed my legs for the first time I learnt to believe hairy legs were something to be ashamed of.

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Leona. Age: 25.
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Before I went away I felt some very real anxiety. Wanting to pack a long skirt in case I felt too ashamed to have my legs out. But there are drawbacks to this beauty ritual.

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