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Grandmother wouldn't order me away from Canterlot over the Summer Sun Celebration. You didn't just make that up to get me to come to this silly party? A pair of royal guards stood outside Princess Celestia's suite in the palace, staring ahead resolutely. You think she has the magical skill to invoke the 'spark' that will cause the sixth Element of Harmony to be revealed? Of course, this happened every night, so not many ponies had been in the sky at this hour to begin with. An Alternate Universe fanfiction featuring Shining Armor and five other stallions of exceptional character. From hearing Twilight talk, it seemed like the students of Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns spent more time drinking, dancing, singing songs and getting up to mischief than they actually spent studying.

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According to this, there are six Elements of Harmony, which seem to be gemstones or jewellery.

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He wasn't off duty until his weapons and armour were stowed and he had reviewed the day's paperwork. His parents, Twilight Velvet and Night Light, insisted on treating him to a proper breakfast before he left, which he accepted gratefully. The second, composed of grey unicorn ponies from the Canterlot Defence Guard, galloped to where the shield met the ground and launched attack spells at it, again probing for weaknesses. Shining Armor cautiously approached Celestia and her telescope.

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