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The King of Pop was the biggest star in the world until his death in — and his legacy will always live on in his music. Alongside celebrities, people will also bid for cartoon characters from popular shows in the s. If you have one still in condition, you might want to hold on to it — these will only rise in value. Look out for the Carnotaurus, Gallimimus and the T-Rex. Socker Boppers were a great way to let your children blow off some steam by punching each other in the face. Would you like to use one of these again? Bids on eBay have been pretty generous so far for these dolls.

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Talia. Age: 20.
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If you have one of these Ghostbusters toys then you might be in for an early payday.

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Nadia. Age: 25.
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The reason it was restricted is that it features an American flag getting burnt in the game. C Comics, the company behind heroes like Superman and Batman. Would you like to use one of these again?

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