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Zone also uses modified audio from the original games; instead of tracking down a voice actress willing to do a dead-on Elizabeth Comstock impression, BioCock simply does what best it can with the real thing. After all, he told everyone to stop making Elizabeth porn, and in response, the most notable porn parody game creator of the day made the best possible Elizabeth porn ever. A few things have made the recent release of BioCock more notable. I die a little inside with every page view. It seems odd that the final title from Irrational Games would be a few-hours-long DLC tale told from the perspective of Elizabeth, rather than yet another story told from the perspective of a failed patriarch foiled by his own ill-considered aspirations. I kept wanting Elizabeth to escape

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Aiyana. Age: 25.
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She also blogs at her personal website Metroidpolitan and tweets samusclone.

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Esmeralda. Age: 32.
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I kept wanting Elizabeth to escape Oh, and she smokes now lay off, Dad. Zone games are known for their distinctive art style and woman-centric premises; the female characters, in addition to being beautifully drawn, often have a low-lit, spooky, wide-eyed glare that seems like it would fit better in a horror game than a pornographic one.

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