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CNN needs to rethink what it's doing. She got , viewers overall, or about one fifth of the audience for Fox News' Shepard Smith. In a fundamental misreading of the importance of the protest movement, Burnett shows a series of videos focusing on the wackiest protesters and claims they don't understand basic facts such as that banks payed back more TARP money than they were given in the bailout:. Few who saw it will forget co-host Mark Haines struggling not to cry on air -- a rare display of raw emotion on the channel. Now she seems to be in flame-out mode. A brief cutaway has her exclaiming into her cellphone, " I'm going to be in Dubai! In fact, lines were shorter because Apple implemented a reservation pickup policy; the iPhone 4S is slated to sell more than the iPhone 4.

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erin burnett swimsuit

Most importantly, Burnett was able to chat live, continuously and intelligently about any news story on the ticker.

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Instead we're getting touchy-feely nonsense about whether your siblings are more influential than your parents. Burnett calls in to CNBC to eulogize him, describing him as the man who gave her her first break in TV, and that " Mark taught me everything. May Mark Haines dies, and Burnett loses her greatest mentor.

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