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She had been the first to show him love and he would do anything for her. Hinata meeped, knowing full well they were not alone. The burst of speed and strength of his thrusts sent Hanabi over the edge and all her inhibitions dropped as pleasure took over her mind. He's also kind, capable of forgiveness when most, including myself, could never forgive. She took a deep breath, hoping to calm herself before she got there. She continued her marching as she was meeting her sister for lunch. Everyone was too afraid to stand in her way.

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Hanabi shivered as she felt his lips touch her skin.

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She knew she was being impatient, but she had a bad day Kami damnit! Enjoying the feeling of skin and memorizing every curve. Naruto and his clones all looked up and grew smiles of their own as Hinata walked inside, smiling at all the clones as they dropped what they were doing to shower her in their attention. Her husband was never one for subtle or half-assed.

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