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Follow Gavin on Twitter: gavhaynes. Yang blamed the "poor quality and breeding" of the average Chinese tourist. All over the world, it seems that the Chinese are becoming the new Americans when it comes to being global reps for vulgarity and rudeness. Hence, the Politburo is planning to create a tourism law , one that would compel the Chinese to behave "in accordance with local customs". Chinese visitors to the US are apparently going to rise by percent. In Thailand, the tourist invasion has been a political issue ever since a low-budget Chinese film called Lost In Thailand created a mini-boom in Chiang Mai tours.

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It's not great PR, all told.

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Even right next door, the Koreans, who already know a thing or two about Chinese interference, are getting increasingly cheesed-off. They cooked shellfish, too. Theirs was a generation raised in the awful shadow of the Cultural Revolution — who often had aeons of good manners wiped clean from them, only to be replaced with a few shallow algorithms about being a good little communist.

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