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Use it to really pump up the color value of a nice, basic pair of great pants. Showing support for the FatAndFree campaign, Kate proudly shows her fabulous form-fitting crushed velvet skirt with a blouse tucked in. Some can walk the beach in a fatkini or pose topless, but the idea of exposing their arms in a formal or office environment sets their stomachs in knots. That our rolls are not allowed to be mentioned and must be masked. New Yorker Anna plays with prints in this Casual Friday look. The things that our thin-bodied and even just small-fat counterparts take for granted can feel like scaling a social mountain for those of us in bigger bodies.

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Carmen. Age: 24.
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Simple fashions must be accessible to us all and we can start making it feel like less of an obstacle by being visible and showing others conquering these seemingly small challenges.

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Lydia. Age: 30.
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These Fat Babes Showcase Their Visible Belly Outlines

New Yorker Anna plays with prints in this Casual Friday look. A post shared by flamesandsparkles on Oct 21, at am PDT. Even the most body-positive of us have our hangups.

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